Jarman Family History

Jarman Family History

This is an account of the descendants of a family of shipwrights called Jarman (sometimes Jerman or German) working at Chatham Royal Dockyard in Kent (England) in the 17th and 18th centuries.

Having worked at Chatham since at least the 1630s, and after a brief period in nearby Gravesend, the Jarman family moved to London in the 1780s.  From there, in the 19th and 20th centuries, they spread to other parts of the UK and also emigrated - mainly to Australia, New Zealand and South Africa.

This account covers not only people named Jarman but any descendants, of whatever family name, of Gregory Jarman or Jerman, a Chatham shipwright (born about 1719 and died in 1763) and his wife, Mary Harsnett.

Below is a Table of Contents which has links to a number of pages on this website. These include a narrative of the family history, see History Main Page, and a Jarman family tree diagram, see Family Tree 1 - Main Chart. (10 branches of the Jarman Family Tree Main Chart have, for convenience, been hived off into separate charts, see Family Trees 2-11.) There is also a brief outline history.

At the top of this page is a link to an Index of all people named on this website. Each Index entry (other than for the living) contains basic biographical details and a note, at the bottom of each entry, of the relevant History Page and Family Tree for that person. (If there is no note, it will be in their spouse's entry, or, if they are living, check their nearest deceased ancestor.)

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Table of Contents

HISTORY MAIN PAGE (for the detailed account of the family history told over History Pages 1 to 8)  


   Family Tree 2 - Descendants of James Jarman (born 1771)
   Family Tree 3 - Descendants of Sarah Jarman (born 1779)
   Family Tree 4 - Descendants of Gregory Jarman (born 1773)
   Family Tree 5 - Descendants of Richard Jarman (born 1807)
   Family Tree 6 - Descendants of Amelia Jarman (born 1810)
   Family Tree 7 - Descendants of George Jarman (born 1815)
   Family Tree 8 - Descendants of Henry Jarman (born 1812)
   Family Tree 8a - Descendants of William Henry Jarman(b. 1840)
   Family Tree 8b - Seelye Family
   Family Tree 8c - McKechnie Family
   Family Tree 9 - Descendants of Robert James Jarman (b. 1837)
   Family Tree 10 - Descendants of Fanny Jarman (born 1840)

   Family Tree 11 - Descendants of Gordon James Jarman (b. 1892) 


Origins of the Jarman Name


An Identity Problem: Robert senior v. Robert of Noble St. 





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