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View of Chatham Dockyard, 1777


The earliest known member of the Jarman family so far established is Gregory Jarman (or Jerman) born about 1719, a shipwright at Chatham Royal Dockyard in Kent. However, it is likely that Gregory Jarman was descended from a family of Jarmans that had been working at Chatham dockyard since at least the 1630s. See Page 2

Gregory Jarman's son, James Jarman, was born in 1743. Although James Jarman began his career at the dockyard in Chatham as a shipwright, he later joined the government Excise service. As a consequence, he moved the family first to Gravesend (also in Kent) and then, in the 1780s following promotion, to London. See Page 3

 James Jarman had several children.    James Jarman's eldest son, also called James Jarman (born in 1771), was a ‘tin man’ or ironmonger in the East End of London and his Jarman descendants continued to live in the East End to the present. See Page 3

His second son was named Gregory Jarman (born in 1773). He was a prosperous ironmonger in the City of London. Gregory Jarman had a large number of descendants not only in London (family names include Jarman, Wolfsohn, Bacon, and Woods) but also in  Australia (Eden, Baldock and Penman) following the emigration of his daughter Harriet Jarman with her husband John Eden. See Page 3

One of James Jarman's daughters, Elizabeth Jarman (born 1779) married Thomas Forrest a merchant from Greenhithe (Swanscombe) in Kent and had a large family. See Page 3 also.

James Jarman’s third son, Robert Jarman (born 1775), a London carpenter and builder, who was reasonably prosperous most of his life, had two families. He had one son, also called Robert Jarman (Robert Jarman junior), born 1801, with his first wife Elizabeth Daniels.  After Elizabeth Daniels died in 1804, Robert Jarman had a number of other children (between 1807 and 1815) with his second wife, Amelia Dede. See Page 4 (There is an issue surrounding the evidence for the Robert Jarman who married Amelia Dede being the same person as the Robert Jarman who married Elizabeth Daniels – see here for a discussion of the issue.)

Two of Robert Jarman and Amelia’s sons, Richard Jarman and Henry Jarman, emigrated to Australia:  Henry Jarman went to Melbourne in 1849 and Richard Jarman (who was a map maker, artist and engraver) emigrated to Tasmania in 1857.  They left large numbers of Jarman descendants in Australia (and South Africa) and other descendants with surnames such as Burstall, Cox, Gough and Fisher in Australia, and Seelye and McKechnie in New Zealand. See Page 5

Robert Jarman and Amelia Dede’s youngest son, George Jarman, also an artist and engraver, stayed in London and has Jarman descendants living in England to the present day. Robert and Amelia’s daughter, also called Amelia Jarman, married John Lipscomb and had many descendants in London. See Page 4

Robert Jarman junior was, like his father, a carpenter in London but fell into poverty and died in a workhouse. He had a number of children with his wife, Maria Sawkins (or Sorkings), in the 1830s and 1840s.  See Page 6.  Through his daughters, Maria Jarman and Fanny Jarman, and son, Robert James Jarman, he had a large number of descendants in London with surnames such as Gardner, Higginson, Howard, Wing, David and Combridge. See Page 6 also.

Robert Jarman junior’s youngest son, Alfred John Jarman (born 1843) was a London lawyer’s clerk and Patent Agent. He died in 1904.  See Page 7.  Alfred John Jarman’s descendants mostly live either in South East England or New Zealand. See Page 8


The first Jarman 'signatures'

   1648: the first known 'mark' - the seal of Gregorie Jarman, joiner at Chatham dockyard 

1725:  the first known signature proper -  John Jarman, shipwright at Chatham dockyard

1766: the first known signature of a direct ancestor, James Jarman, then a shipwright at Chatham dockyard


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