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Information on some collateral branches of the family tree comes from living descendants of that branch:


A.    The following family trees on www.Ancestry.co.uk (which requires a subscription to access) have been used:

1.      For descendants of Henry John Jarman (born 1859): ‘austinmini’,  Jarman family tree

2.     For descendants of Sophia Jarman (b. 1856): ‘suzie3441’, Suzanne search

3.     For descendants of Henry Edward Jarman (1878-1925): 'HeatherBrady_70',  Maddock family Tree

4.     For descendants of Louis Henry Lipscomb (b.1845): ‘ronjbaker’,  Rosemary’s family tree

5.     For descendants of Fanny Jarman  (b.1840): ‘mjwdavid’,  Wing Taylor Family Tree

6.     For descendants of James Jarman  (b.1771): ‘valgilchrist’,  vals tree

7.     For descendants of Harriet Jarman (1821-1893): ‘louisebates195’, Richards family tree

8.    For descendants of Sarah Jarman (b.1844): ‘Sue Wolfsohn’, Oxenbould/Hunter families


B.    Other sources:

1.      For most descendants of Edwin Jarman  (1833-1894): Sylvia Tea (See http://archiver.rootsweb.ancestry.com/th/read/SOUTH-AFRICA-EASTERN-CAPE/2008-05/1210808920)

2.     For descendants of Frank Edwin Jarman  (1867-1904): Robert Jarman  (see http://genforum.genealogy.com/jarman/messages/521.html)

3.     For information on Henry Jarman (1815-1873) after he emigrated to Australia and on descendants of Amelia Elmore Jarman (1849-1817):  John F. Seelye, (who produced a booklet, The Seelye family of New Zealand, published 1993 with updated information provided by him as at June 2001 –  see also http://www.seeley-society.net/clans/newz.html)

4.     For descendants of Edward Jarman (1845-1883): the Lugton Family Homepage http://talone.customer.netspace.net.au

5.     For descendants of Gregory Jarman (1773-1838) other than those mentioned in A.7 above: Dale Fanning



History Main Page

Family Tree 1 -Main Chart