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Page 1 – Jarman History Outline Summary


Page 2 – Gregory Jarman, 1719-1763, and the Jarman family in Chatham since the 1630s.


Page 3 – James Jarman, 1743-1823, (Gregory Jarman’s son), including descendants of 3 of his children: James (b.1771), Gregory (b.1773) and Sarah (b.1779)


Page 4 – Robert Jarman Sen., 1775-1858, (James’s son) including descendants of two of his children: Amelia (b.1810) and George (b.1815)


Page 5 – Richard Jarman, 1807-1877, & Henry Jarman, 1812-1873, (Robert Sen.’s sons)and their descendants to the present


Page 6 – Robert Jarman Jun., 1801-1860, (Robert Sen.’s son) and the descendants of his children (except Alfred, below)


Page 7 – Alfred John Jarman, 1843-1904, (Robert Jun.’s son)


Page 8 – Alfred John Jarman’s descendants, 1900-present